Management Company

JSC "MC SEZ" Istok "has been transferred the authority to manage the SEZ TVT" Almaz "in accordance with the Agreement on the management of the special economic zone of the technical and innovation type established in the territories of the Engels, Balakovsky municipal districts and the municipal formation" City of Saratov "of the Saratov region, dated August 4, 2020, No. C-84 SG/D14, concluded between the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and JSC "MC SEZ"Istok".

Services of the management company JSC "MC SEZ "Istok»:

Services to potential SEZ residentsCost (rub.)
1Service for the preparation of an application and a package of documents for the conclusion of an agreement on the implementation of the Customer's activities as a resident of the special economic zone of the technical and implementation type, taking into account the requirements of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia) (Application, business plan, summary of the business plan, presentation of the business plan) 100,000 up to 300,000 (depending on the complexity of the projects, and the business plan)
2Assistance in the formation of an application for a conclusion agreements on the implementation of technical and innovative activities:
- consultation of a Potential Resident (verbally and (or) in writing) in the course of writing by a potential resident business plan and applications for concluding an agreement on implementation of technical and innovative activities
from 3500 – oral
from 7000 - written
Legal services 
3Support and submission of the lease agreement for state registration.from 3 000
4Representation of interests in state authorities and management bodies, supervisory and controlling bodiesfrom 5 000
5Representation of interests in any court, pre-trial and judicial settlement of disputes, participation in enforcement proceedingsdepending on the difficulty, from 15000
6State registration of companies, amendments to the constituent documentsfrom 15 000
7Development of a draft agreement (agreement, contract)from 3 000
8Legal examination of documentsdepending on the difficulty, from 5000
Services in the field of land and property relations 
9Maintenance of work on the formation (formation) of a land plot located on the territory of the SEZaverage 7000
10Support of registration of land transactionsaverage 7000
11Provision of consulting servicesfrom 1 500
12Related to the receipt of an order "on assignment of a postal address" of a real estate objectfrom 3 000
13Related to the state cadastral registration and (or) state registration of rights to immovable propertyfrom 3 000
14On the issues of removing the reasons for the suspension and (or) refusal to carry out state cadastral registration and (or) state registration of rights to real estateup to 20 000 in case if the appeal is through the court
15Obtaining technical conditions for connection (technological connection) to engineering and technical support networksfrom 20 000
Services in the field of customs relations 
16Services for obtaining a permit for the application of the special customs procedure " Free Customs Zone»25 000
17Support services for the customer's project at all stages of its implementation in the field of customs regulation50 000
18Services for the organization of customs clearance of goods20 000
19Control over the provision of documents required for customs clearance of goodsв25 000
20Preparation and transfer of a package of documents to the customs representative (broker)15 000
21Organization of obtaining permits for customs clearance of goods15 000
22Monitoring the completion of customs transit10 000
23Control of registration and issuance of declarations20 000
24Participation in the inspection of goods during the customs clearance process5 000
25Planning of timely customs payments3 000
26Control of spending of advance payments3 000
27Analysis and work to reduce the cost of customs clearance5 000
Purchasing activity service 
28Organization and execution of purchasesfrom 20 000
Intellectual property services 
29Conducting patent research on patent purityfrom 120 000 (the final cost depends on the complexity of the object)
30Preparation and support of a patent application for obtaining intellectual property rightsfrom 40 000 without conducting a patent search - an invention or utility model, from 65 000 with patent search
31Consulting (oral, written) in the field of patent law and protection of intellectual propertyfrom 3 500/for hour